Meet Megan


Hi there! 

I am Megan, the creator and calligrapher behind CopperStone Co. I would say that my sister and I were raised in a creative household with my dad, the builder, always thinking of his latest "invention" and my mom, who could decorate and style every square inch of the house to portray the cover of a magazine, and who refused to gift a present that was not perfectly packaged with a beautifully tied bow. My creative interests sparked at a young age, when I spent many hours doodling mine and my friends' names in fun letters. As I grew older, I began hand lettering as a hobby and creative outlet. Before I knew it I was addressing envelopes and making wedding signs!  Aside from calligraphy, I work full time as a speech pathologist in a public elementary school. Working with teachers and families to help a child meet his or her communication goals is the most rewarding job ever. When I'm not working or creating, I enjoy entertaining and interior design, spicy food, collecting and caring for our plants, listening to live music, traveling and cooking with my husband, spending time with our Valley Bulldog, Mack, and a glass of red wine. 

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Megan